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When I was first trying to start my company, I really struggled to find a mentor. There were resources at my disposal and people claiming to be experts on entrepreneurship, but none of them could give me the information and assistance I needed. I joined quite a few professional associations, but they were all full of people in competing businesses who felt too threatened to share their own experience.

Part of my philosophy is that to be successful, you need to be willing to give. That’s why I created the Growth Mindset Association – a community of current and aspiring entrepreneurs and businesspeople looking to share their own experiences and get advice from people in similar situations. The Growth Mindset Association is a place for everyone with an entrepreneurial dream they’re looking to achieve; it’s the organization I needed when I was just starting out, and now I’m ready to share it with you.

People who are already working towards their goal, whether it’s by starting a small, one-man operation or a large corporation. These are people who are experienced but still looking to grow and improve their operation.

People who might be working for someone else to pay the bills, but who are still working after hours to make their own dream come to fruition.

People who are working for a company that they love and believe in, but need help with marketing, sales, or leadership strategies.

People with an idea or dream of their own who are looking to start their own business, but need help putting together the pieces and bringing the idea to life.

If you think you fit into one or more of these categories, we want to talk to you. Access to the Growth Mindset Association is limited at this time to ensure we are able to devote the time and resources necessary to help each individual member. CLICK HERE to fill out your profile and we’ll help you figure out if the Growth Mindset Association is the right fit for you.

Leadership Training
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Social Media

  • How to generate leads from Social Media
  • Effective social media strategies for the busy entrepreneur

  • How to grow your Facebook likes
  • Do you really need a business Facebook page
  • How to create your first Facebook marketing campaign
  • Social Media tools that save time
  • Which Social Media platforms you should use

Leadership & Management

  • Interview techniques and must have questions
  • When do you need a CFO

  • When should you start hiring staff
  • What professionals should you have on retainer
  • How to develop a compensation package that will attract talent
  • What benefits packages do you need to retain top talent

Digital Marketing

  • Creating an effective Google SEM campaign
  • What website analytics are important to monitor

  • Do you need a blog site
  • How to grow your email database
  • How to generate leads for pennies
  • Digital marketing 101 with tips and tricks to get started
  • How to use YouTube to gain awareness
  • Using Facebook Live to increase sales

Traditional Marketing

  • Should you do radio, tv or print advertising
  • How to create promotional videos on a budget

  • What reports and rankers to ask for when considering tradtional media
  • How to evaluate reports and rankers when considering traditional media
  • What’s better Radio vs TV vs Print vs Billboard
  • Is Direct Mail still a viable marketing tool
  • How much budget is enough
  • How to get free advertising


  • How to gain credibility quickly
  • How to distinguish yourself from the competition

  • Do you need a logo, slogan and jingle
  • How to create a business card that people will keep
  • How to create a memorable elevator pitch
  • How to build a Brand that is memorable
  • How to gain national exposure for free
  • How to prepare for effective presentations
  • How to get positive reviews and deal with negative ones
  • Knowing when it’s time to Re-Brand

Sales Strategies

  • How to create an effective sales letter and email
  • How to create a high-end power point presentation

  • How to sell online
  • How to sell without a sales team
  • How to generate leads from your website
  • What are the best free CRM’s
  • How to price your products or services competitively
  • How to market on a tight budget
  • How to get into big box stores


  • What bookkeeping software is best
  • How to get grants

  • What insurance binders should you consider
  • How to find funding
  • Creating accurate pro formas

Personal Development

  • How to overcome the fear of public speaking
  • How to balance work and family

  • How to set up your day for maximum productivity
  • How do you deal with failure and turn it into an opportunity
  • How to develop key partnerships

Product Development

  • How to test new ideas before marketing them
  • Low cost strategies to test market a new product or service idea

  • When should you outsource
  • Gofund me strategies
  • Starting an eBay store
  • Using Amazon to sell

Team Development

  • How to run a productive meeting
  • How to encourage decision making in a team

  • How to get more productive from a team
  • How to manage a millennial
  • Team building exercises that everyone will like

Book Club

  • Monthly Book Reviews
  • Book Giveaway’s
The Growth Mindset Association

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Open Enrollment Coming Soon
100 Member Limit

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