How POV Videos Can Help Your Dealership

POV Videos: What are they and how do they benefit you?

If you’ve heard any news from Paul Potratz lately, you’ve probably heard the term “POV videos” thrown around. But what does it mean?

POV videos are point of view videos. It’s like people are watching through the eyes of someone getting ready to drive a vehicle or walking around the park. If you’re in the automotive industry, this could really benefit your organic and paid marketing techniques on social media.

1. Increase car shopper engagement

Let’s say you’re doing a Facebook Live POV video. Whether you have Snapchat Spectacles or you have your phone taped to your forehead (or on your t-shirt), you can take the customer in and around your dealership.

You can do a video of the newest Honda model that came out and showcase how it sounds when it starts up, what the inside of the car looks like from a driver’s point of view, and how specific things work.

You can even start a “day in the life of…” series, where a different person can film a day in the dealership from their point of view (get it?).

By doing these things, especially on social media, you’ll be able to get direct customer engagement. People will comment on your video if they want to see a certain part of a new vehicle, what the mileage is on a used or pre-owned vehicle, or maybe even what the bathroom looks like if you’re taking them for a walk around the inside of your dealership. This leads to our next point…

2. Increase brand awareness & credibility

When you do these videos (consistently, of course), and you’re increasing engagement, it will increase your social media reach. Which will increase your overall brand awareness.

Car shoppers will start to rely on you. Like when the new Toyota C-HR comes out, people will be on your Facebook page waiting for your POV video to come out, showing them cool new features and what it feels like to be the driver in this vehicle.

They’ll tell their friends, tag their friends, and more people will flock to you as you increase your engagement. Soon enough, when it comes time for them to buy a vehicle, they’ll come to you rather than your competitors.

3. Increase overall sales and retention

Last but not least; by doing the two things above, you’ll be increasing your customer retention and overall sales. Making lifelong customers and relationships is the most important thing you can do for your dealership. Why? Because these customers will always come back to you and they’ll refer their friends and family to you, too!


Not many car dealerships are using POV videos to increase shopper engagement. By utilizing them, you’ll stand out ahead of the competition.

You’ll be hard to beat. Get started!

How POV Videos Can Help Your Dealership

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