How to Use Promoted Pins

by Juliana Warren

Pinterest is a platform that can be used on both your website browser or in an app that you can download to your mobile device. It is a free way for users to upload, save, sort, and manage images and website links that gather in groups called pinboards. These can contain a variety of different things, including travel photos, recipes, fashion, and more. You can also send and share pins with other users who might like to see the product, service, or idea.


Promoted Pins on Pinterest are paid for by a business that wants their pins to appear where their target user is more likely to notice them. They are based on the user’s interests or relate to a similar advertiser’s site or app that they have visited. They blend in with the user’s other pins, and perform the same or better than organic, not paid for, pins. Use them to promote awareness, engagement, and traffic for your business.


Pinterest allows you to promote brand awareness to your most desired audience. People use this platform to discover, save, and share ideas with other users. Your products and services can be shown to your target audience in top placements on the app with promoted pins. Users who have seen these pins have had a 40% increased new product awareness and 50% increase in their intent to purchase. One company has more than tripled their referral traffic from this marketing tactic!


Pins can allow you to boost engagement and capture interest. People click, save, and share pins that they like, find interesting, or are considering for future endeavors. There is also an engagement rate of 2-5% more than the industry average. This type of pin can help people figure out what to do next. You just pay for each repin, click, or closeup on your pin. In under 5 months, one company saw 2x engagement on their Promoted Pins and reached 6 million unique Pinners!


This kind of marketing strategy can help drive traffic to your website. Users can click on your promoted pin which can then lead to your landing page. You can create a traffic campaign to reach people who are most likely to take action and click to your website. One company saw an increase in revenue by 4000% that was referred by Pinterest!

Display images on your pins that draw attention and promote inspiration. They should connect with the user emotionally so that they are more likely to share the pin. Pay attention to the color contrast, as well as the image ratio and composition. Use creative keywords that are most relevant to what you are trying to promote. They should relate to your image and make the reader want to learn more.
Use Promoted Pins on Pinterest as another marketing tactic for your business. It is the perfect way to increase brand awareness, engagement, and website traffic. Many companies have found success through Promoted Pins. Start advertising on this inspiration-driven platform today!

How to Use Promoted Pins

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