Keys to Creating Captivating Video

A surge of color. Movement and animations, bobbing and weaving to create a hypnotizing image you can’t look away from. A voice, speaking softly and then building with excitement, telling a story that must be heard. Captivating. Capturing an audience can be done in different ways, but there is one common denominator required — audience connection.

At the core of video advertising, whether it’s a traditional television spot or a video that lives in the digital realm, the content needs to connect and engage the audience. Studies show that as viewers become increasingly engaged with a specific piece of content, it increases the likelihood that they express positivity toward the brand in which they are engaging with. In addition, to increasing positive brand association, engaging video content also increases attention and concentration of viewers, making it less likely that this audience skips or stops watching an advertisement.

So how does a person, company, or advertising agency produce a video that is engaging, promoting positivity and attention towards a brand or product? Emotion and consistent branding.

Emotion transcends all ages, genders, religions, and cultures. It’s something that all human beings can connect to on a personal level, making it one of the most powerful assets in video advertising. On average, a viewer forms their overall connection to a brand toward the end of the video, meaning it is at this point that an ad should have it’s peak emotional moment with the viewers. What kinds of emotion a video evokes might depend on a brand’s campaign, including sadness, fear, anger, or surprise, but it’s joy, that forms the strongest positive association with a brand.

A Video Production Potratz spot was analyzed for viewer engagement and viewer receptivity to brand messaging and the results showed that the particular spot saw spikes in positive emotion almost every time the spots core messaging was communicated. Phrases like “Our family is a lot like yours”, “[We’re] road trippers”, “[We’re] soccer moms”, and “[We’re] errand runners” all peaked joy from the viewers, proving that connection with an audience on a personal and emotional level has the strongest impact.

In the same study, positive emotion consistently rose when the company’s logo and address was present on screen. This positive emotional reaction to the logo helps to reaffirm viewers positive association with the brand. With each piece of video content, brand association continues to build, reinforcing the importance of consistent messaging across each piece of content. Using consistency will allow for each video to continue to build upon the previous emotions evoked.

Video continues to be a booming form of advertising, from LIVE videos on social media, to website video content, there is no denying the power of this advertising tool. Consider what you’re currently doing with video. Is it captivating? Does it evoke the right emotions? Is your brand messaging consistent? Answer all these questions with a yes, and you’re well on your way to success.

Keys to Creating Captivating Video

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