Retargeting with Online Advertising

by Juliana Warren

I have learned many different advertising and marketing tactics and skills while in the Apprenticeship Program at Potratz. Even though it has only been a couple of weeks, I have learned about account management, digital performance, Google Adwords, copywriting, social media, email marketing, website design and more! Retargeting is one of my new interests and it plays a major role in online advertising. Without it, a business would miss out on a plethora of opportunities.

Retargeting focuses on consumers who are already familiar with your brand. The tool helps businesses reach the people who do not convert on their website on their first visit. They might have left to compare prices on your competitors sites, were just browsing, didn’t like the price of your products, didn’t have a method of payment handy, or anything else. The purpose of this strategy is to re-engage the consumer.

A potential customer might go on your website because they are interested in your product. If they do not convert, but instead start searching the web and going on other sites, new advertisements will appear to them. The ads will try to recapture the user’s interest to bring them back to your website to convert and make a purchase. It could be a general ad for your website or something more specific, like a product or service you offer. This happens because a cookie is put in each visitor’s browser which adds them to a retargeting list. Specific campaigns can target specific lists or groups of visitors.

Retargeting tries to encourage potential customers to come back to your site and make a purchase. Most businesses see a higher return on investment with this tool than through other channels, because the consumers it targets have some degree of interest in your product. It also has up to 50% higher conversion rates than SEO or PPC. It is great for brand awareness because it will keep showing the customer your ads so they will not forget your company. It will expand your marketing reach and show your ads on a wide variety of websites.

Retargeting gives companies the chance to make more than one first impression. It maximizes the value of your audience and is one of the best ways to turn prospective customers into buyers, in my opinion. It should be a part of every company’s marketing strategy so that they can increase their results and get the greatest ROI. Retargeting works best when utilized with other marketing strategies.

If you’re confused or need more direction, feel free to contact Potratz today to get your retargeting started!

Retargeting with Online Advertising

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