5 Google Tactics That Drive In-Store Traffic Guide

Google specifically has curated some features that can help capture foot traffic before the online research stage is over. Start utilizing these 5 tactics to increase foot traffic to your storefront...
There’s a Guide for that!

Seeking to get more visitors to your store that are customers willing able and ready to buy from you, rather than just browsing or non-committal shoppers?

Put Google to work for you. Capture the interest of qualified online shoppers and drive them to visit your store to purchase over your competitors.

Consumer culture values two things— convenience and quality. These values have led to a buying habit called ROPO, or research online purchase offline.

This shopper segment is on the lookout for brands that will meet their shopping needs: An online presence that answers their questions and an in-person experience that let’s them interact with the product before buying. Lay the foundation and spread the breadcrumbs that will educate them on your storefront and offer them every opportunity to come visit!

We’ve divulged Google’s top tactics to get qualified, ready-to-buy, shoppers to your store in our 5 Google Tactics That Drive In-store Traffic Guide!!

It’s the essential resource for any businesses that have both an online and offline presence.