30 Minute Marketing Plan

Underperforming When It Comes to Attracting More Leads? There’s a 30 Minute Marketing Plan for That!


What Does a Business that is Underperforming in Marketing Look Like?

Underperforming marketing looks like a slow drip of new leads. It shows up as leads who don’t have the means to buy, leads who don’t know what it is you’re selling and leads who simply waste you and your employees’ time.

These are the warning signs— NOT the end— but the performance indicators signaling to you where opportunity lies.

The Correct Message and Intentional Pulse for Marketing = Increased Revenue

An ineffective marketing strategy is one of the biggest obstacles preventing business owners from achieving the profits they, their employees and family deserve. But it doesn’t have to be…

Owners like you can start marketing like an expert without hiring vendors, wasting time or risking your money…and do it quickly, simply by following the 30 Minute Marketing Plan!

When you devote 30 minutes of your day to the marketing plan, you will be coached step-by-step through what you need to do and given everything that you need to market your business and attract valuable leads again and again.

The Difference 30 Minutes Per Day Can Make:

No more guessing what marketing platforms to use.

Never run out of creative ideas to draw in new shoppers.

Know what to say and when to say it no matter the situation.

Never have to discount your products or services unless you want to.

No more trial and error with vendors or marketing platforms.

“Finally! I know what to do in marketing and my sales team is closing 5 times more customers.”


We Reject One-Size-Fits-All Solutions

Why? Because we know marketing solutions only work when they’re tailored to fit a business’s budget. Marketing plans fail to deliver when they are NOT properly supported by the necessary budget. You don’t need to execute an overly robust plan that stretches your budget too thin and ultimately fails to give you any return. We will give you the plan and toolkit that maximizes your budget and still give you the results you are after.

We’ll provide you with a tailored 30 Minute Marketing Plan that focuses on where your customers are most and will get you the most out of your budget.

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It works like this:

Step 1

Set Your Budget

Determine what budget works best for you and we’ll provide you with a tailored plan that is best suited to get you to your goals at the cost you set.

Have questions or need clarification on how we build our plans for your budget?
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Step 2

Sign Up / Scheduled Call

Sign up and choose your date and time for a scheduled call with your Performance Coach to discuss your specific needs.

Step 3

Follow the Plan

Start following the steps of your marketing plan and in as little as 30 minutes per day you will be making positive improvements on your business.

Step 4


Look back over the last 90 days and be proud of how your marketing or Sales is actually working, since there is a process, clarity and a formula that always keeps you on track, never overwhelms you or wastes your time and money.

“I’ve gone from What Should I Do to I Know What To Do… I’m intentional and profitable!”


The 30 Minute Marketing Plan

Gives you the timing, marketing assets and exact steps you need to increase your leads by 50% or more, while drastically reducing expenses.

Included in your 30 Minute Marketing Plan:

Note: Each workshop is designed to spend 30 minutes per day to complete that phase. If it shows 3 – 30 minute sessions that means you will complete that phase in 3 days if you can only allocate 30 minutes a day. You have the ability to complete phases at your own pace. The majority of our Business Owner Revolutionaries take 60-90 days to complete the transformation of their marketing strategy.

This stage is all about foundation and setting up your business for its revolution. We dive into the minds of your customers and set our course of action to attract them to your business over the competition.

  • Workshop 1 – What is our customer’s buying journey and why is it universal?
  • Workshop 2 – How to develop your brand and message to stand apart from the competition
  • Workshop 3 – How to incorporate your brand across your marketing messaging and digital presence
  • Workshop 4 – Setting your marketing goals
  • Workshop 5 – How to set your monthly budget for long-term success

You don’t need a large budget to create videos nor do you need to know how to edit videos. We will show you how to do it yourself or if you don’t have time we have video editors on staff that can edit and produce your videos for an affordable hourly fee.

  • Workshop 1 – Introduction to video and the 4 types of videos every business needs to grow sales with today’s mobile shopper
  • Workshop 2 – The Common Shopper Questions Video
  • Workshop 3 – The Feature a Product or Service Video
  • Workshop 4 – The Thoughts of Wisdom Video
  • Workshop 5 – The Just Me Video

This ad strategy that does not require you to waste time posting daily and continuously reinvent your posts. You set it up and you’re done for 90 days.

  • Workshop 1 – Account Set Up
  • Workshop 2 – Organic Social Media Blueprint and Templates
  • Workshop 3 – Identify your audience and launch your Facebook ads
  • Workshop 4 – Level up with Retargeting

You don’t need coding experience to optimize your website so it generates more leads. We provide a step by step guide, worksheets and videos that you provide to your website provider to turn your website into a lead generation tool…like it should be. Don’t have someone to make the updates? We can provide a list of individuals that can do it for you for a small hourly fee.

  • Workshop 1 – Website Refresh
  • Workshop 2 – Developing and Implementing a Lead Magnet
  • Workshop 3 – Call to Action Audit and Optimizations

67% of YouTube users watched YouTube to help make a purchase decision. We give you the plan to execute a Youtube marketing strategy that gets your videos watched, shared and reposted by the very customers you’re looking to attract.

  • Workshop 1 – YouTube Channel Set Up
  • Workshop 2 – YouTube Video Checklist : How to Post and Optimize your content
  • Workshop 3 – Going Live on YouTube

Google Ads expands your reach to thousands of people across the digital landscape. In this phase we will walk you through setting up your Google Ads account, explore different ad types and how to choose the right one for your target audience, and show you how to pre-schedule your ads to run without daily management.

  • Workshop 1 – Setting Up Your Google Ads Account
  • Workshop 2 – Setting Up Display Campaigns
  • Workshop 3 – Bonus Campaigns to Increase ROI
  • Workshop 4 – How to Run Paid Google Video Campaigns
  • Workshop 5 – Ad Scheduling, Scripts, and Optimization 101

Marketing is all about reaching your ideal audience where they are. Email is one of the first things we check in the morning and routinely throughout the day. We show you what email platforms are worth their salt, how to grow your existing email list and what performance metrics are actually telling you about your content and audience.

  • Workshop 1 – How to build your email list
  • Workshop 2 – Scheduling and Sending Emails for the next 7 weeks PLUS what platform to use
  • Workshop 3 – Customizing Your Email Templates
  • Workshop 4 – Deployment, Measuring Success and Learning from Failure

LinkedIn offers your business access to other industry leaders and the opportunity to carve out your own leadership space. Learn how to bulk up your personal and business profile and how to enjoy the benefits of LinkedIn’s paid advertising options.

  • Workshop 1 – Optimize your personal and company page PLUS Utilize Paid Advertising

Ensure customers are given accurate information about how to contact your business and buy from you by setting up a Google My Business Profile that appears whenever a customer searches for your business on Google. PLUS learn how to get free advertising out of your profile with our monthly posting plan.

  • Workshop 1 – Set up and advertise with your Google My Business Profile

One of the most powerful assets a business owner has is the ability to analyze and readjust his marketing based on powerful analytics. In this phase you will build your Google Analytics account and learn how to incorporate its findings into your execution of your marketing plan.

  • Workshop 1 – Setting Up Google Analytics
  • Workshop 2 – Building Out Analytics
  • Workshop 3 – Setting Up Google Dashboard, Custom Reports, and Alerts
  • Workshop 4 – Facebook and Instagram Reporting and Optimization
  • Workshop 5 – LinkedIn Reporting and Optimization

You also have a dedicated performance coach monitoring your analytics and guiding you. We are with you every step of the way.

  • Our 3 best Live Video Scripts to drive sales now without spending money
  • 3 sales emails to get highly interested shoppers contacting you within 48 hours
  • 1 Private Coaching Call with us to discuss fast and low cost pathways to more sales

  • How to use Instagram Highlights to feature your business
  • How to use Instagram Stories to drive shoppers to your website
  • How to use Instagram to build your email list

  • Get shoppers to consider you again that felt your price was high
  • 30 minute hack to significantly decrease website bounce rates
  • The 10 best ads to get abandoned website visitors back to your website

  • Incredible community support in our exclusive members-only group, full of experienced business owners to connect with, get feedback and share strategies.
  • Access to us! Our performance coaches check in daily to support our Revolutionaries with their business struggles.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the workshops within 7 days, we will give you a full refund.

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Phase 4: Websites
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Phase 6: Google Ads
Phase 7: Email Marketing
Phase 8: LinkedIn
Phase 9: Google My Business
Phase 10: Analytics and Optimizations


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The phases build upon each other. You will see the best results if you work through them in the order they’re given.
That will depend on what phase of your plan you are in. Each phase will include workshops that give you assignments to complete. The assignments are what you will complete in your 30 minutes each day.
You will keep the plan you have and your dedicated performance coach will offer you direction on where to allocate your new budget to best optimize it.

Revolutionize your marketing and your business without risking money or wasting time…it’s your business, so take control!