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Sales Plan

Underperforming when it Comes to Closing More Sales? There’s a 30 Minute Sales Plan for That!


What Does a Business that is Underperforming in Sales Look Like?

Underperforming sales looks like a closing ratio that is less than 12%. It’s recognizable by prospects who never got their questions answered, prospects who bought somewhere else, prospects that are rushed into buying now and prospects who were all-around neglected.

These are the warning signs— NOT the end— but the performance indicators signaling to you where opportunity lies.


Intentional Selling Pulse Delivered via the Customer’s Preferred Channel = A Closed Deal

A weak sales process is one of the biggest obstacles preventing business owners from achieving the profits they, their employees and family deserve. But it doesn’t have to be…

Owners like you can start closing sales like an expert without hiring vendors, wasting time or risking your money…and do it quickly, simply by following the 30 Minute Sales Plan!

When you devote 30 minutes of your day to the sales plan, you will be coached step-by-step through what you need to do and given everything that you need to close your prospects and convert them into high paying customers again and again.


Are your leads going cold and all of a sudden giving you the silent treatment?
This is a good sign! We’ll show you why!


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The Difference 30 Minutes per Day Can Make:

No more guessing about how to sell.

Never run out of creative ideas to keep prospects engaged with you.

Ensure your sales reps are doing what’s productive to close deals.

Know what to say and when to say it no matter the situation.

Never have to discount your products or services unless you want to.

No more trial and error with vendors or sales schemes.

“Finally! I know what to do in marketing and my sales team is closing 5 times more customers.”


The 30 Minute Sales Plan In 3 Steps:

Step 1

Sign Up / Scheduled Call

Sign up and choose your date and time for a scheduled call with your Performance Coach to discuss your specific needs.

Step 2

Follow the Plan

Start following the steps of your sales plan and in as little as 30 minutes per day you will be making positive improvements on your business.

Step 3


Look back over the last 90 days and be proud of how your marketing or sales is actually working, since there is a process, clarity and a formula that always keeps you on track, never overwhelms you or wastes your time and money.

“I’ve gone from What Should I Do to I Know What To Do… I’m intentional and profitable!”


The 30 Minute Sales Plan

Gives you the recipe and ingredients your sales reps need to turn 5x the prospects into high paying customers.

“We turn inexperienced team members into highly profitable closers.”

Included in your Sales Plan:

  • Day 1 to Close: A 120 Day Sales Plan
  • Phone, Text and Video Scripts
  • Email Follow-up Sequences
  • Stand Alone Sales Emails
  • Sales Letters
  • Strategies to Upsell Prospects
  • The reason a suddenly cold lead is actually a good sign
  • How to get prospects to respond
You also have a dedicated performance coach monitoring your sales performance and providing best practices. We can do this…Together.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the workshops within 7 days, we will give you a full refund.

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The phases build upon each other. You will see the best results if you work through them in the order they’re given.
That will depend on what phase of your plan you are in. Each phase will include workshops that give you assignments to complete. The assignments are what you will complete in your 30 minutes each day.

Revolutionize your sales process and your business without risking money or wasting time…it’s your business, so take control!