Brand Development Plan

Develop, enhance and stabilize your brand to infiltrate consumers perception and influence consumer choice... There’s a Brand Plan for that!


Show Consumers You’re Worth It

Universally, all consumers make it to this point when purchasing: They know what they want to buy but need to know who is going to deliver. With a cohesive brand identity consumers know 6 things about your business immediately that motivates them to choose you:

  • What you stand for
  • Who you represent
  • What lifestyle you ensure
  • Why you’re credible
  • What you promise
  • How you’re different from competitors

These differentiate you from your competition, show your potential customer why you’re the right match for them and secures your business as a well-established industry leader that consistently delights.

Untapped Customer Loyalty

A brand that aligns itself with the aspirations, desires and values of its customers, builds a tangible entity customers feel connected with to their core. A brand that represents everything you dream of being, becomes the brand you buy from again and again in pursuit of that dream…each purchase bringing you one step closer to attaining your ideal. Without branding there is no intrinsic loyalty, but WITH BRANDING your customers feel empowered by the company they buy from.

Brand loyalty is worth 10x more than a single purchase

Consistent branding across all channels increases revenue by 23%

How Consistent Branding Compounds Its Impact

Branding Pyramid

The Brand Development Plan:

  • Define your target audience
  • Determine pain point of your target audience
  • Communicate how your brand helps overcome their pain points
  • Develop a brand personality & tone that speak to your audience
  • Establish a consistent look and feel
  • Identify how and where to syndicate your brand to reach your target market
  • Access the My Brand Master Worksheet – The plan you follow on your own to create a consistent and reliable brand

  • Understand Demographics vs. Psychographics
  • Define your target audience in a few simple statements

  • Uncover what your customers really want
  • Learn a daily 5 minute process that keeps you in tune with your customers’ wants and needs
  • Identify the top 10 most common questions you are asked by your customers

  • Identify a trend of what your existing or prospective customers desire
  • Understand how their desires relate to one another
  • Pinpoint the greatest problem your business solves for its customers

  • Determine your brand pillars; the foundation of your brand
  • Establish what your brand stands for and embodies
  • Uncover the proper way for your brand to take a stance on the greatest problem your customers face

  • Understand the 12 brand archetypes
  • Identify the brand archetype most appropriate for your brand
  • Learn how to use your brand archetype to define your brand personality

  • Understand what brand quotables are and how to align them
  • Identify your brand tone
  • Discover how to relate your quotables back to your brand pillars

  • Understand the psychology of color
  • Evolve the imagery on your website and on social media to match your brand
  • Build your brand aesthetic to match its overall emotion and tone

  • How to implement your defined brand now
  • Unlocked: Brand Consistency Checker (ensure you’re always on brand no matter the medium)

  • Incredible community support in our exclusive members-only group, full of experienced business owners to connect with, get feedback and share strategies.
  • Access to us! Our coaches check in daily to support our Revolutionaries with their business struggles.

This Brand Development Plan is for…

  • Businesses with existing brands that want a refresh
  • Businesses without an existing brand
  • Businesses with existing brands that need greater brand cohesion across platforms
  • Businesses with existing brands that want a more robust brand
  • Businesses with existing brands that want to increase their brand influence
  • Businesses with existing brands that customers don’t identify with
  • Businesses with existing brands that no longer match its evolved business
  • Businesses with existing brands that rock and want to compound its brand’s impact

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the workshops within 7 days, we will give you a full refund.

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Workshop1: Brand Fundamentals
Workshop 2: Determine Your Target Audience
Workshop 3: Define Common Customer Questions
Workshop 4: Solve Your Customers’ Problems
Workshop 5: Determine Your Brand Attributes
Workshop 6: Establish Your Tone
Workshop 7: Create Your Quotables
Workshop 8: Establish Your Look & Feel
Workshop 9: Keep It Consistent


My Brand Master Worksheet
Brand Consistency Checker
Revolutionaries Facebook Group Membership


Yes, this plan is proven whether you are just starting or working to increase the success of an existing business.
Yes, anyone will be capable of understanding and employing your brand whether they’re current employees or new hires. Content creation will be streamlined as there will be no question of your brand identity.
Most businesses will have set their brand and cross checked it’s use across all platforms within 8 days. We do encourage you to share your progress on My Brand Master Worksheet in the private Facebook group to collect feedback from fellow business owners and our coaches.
Those brand elements are likely the things you can recall quickly when thinking about other brands you follow, but if you thought further you likely would be able to describe the tone, lifestyle, emotions and connection the brand has built. A brand is a holistic experience and aligned with the aspirations of it’s ideal customer. Building a brand this way is the most effective way to impact your customers.
Immediately and within minutes of completing payment.

Attract, maintain and retain the customers your business desires with the Brand Development Plan