The Secret to Driving Action with Email Plan

Develop new emails and enhance your past messages to ensure your customers engage with every message that lands in their inbox...
There’s an Email Plan for that!


Driven Action

An email is only as powerful as the action it drives. Never should you send an email that’s a deadend for your subscribers. Always give them something to do next, an opportunity to engage with you, or a way to connect with your business. But just giving them the option to take action isn’t powerful enough to get them to do it. With The Secret to Driving Action with Email Plan, you will arm your email with the tools it needs to land that click, call, visit…whatever action it may be and see a greater return on your email marketing!

Predetermine Exactly What Your Customers Remember From Your Email Message

Wouldn’t it be a gamechanger if you could magically preselect the information your email subscribers would retain after opening your messages? It’s not magic, there’s a plan for that. This step by step plan shows you how to do just this, ensuring your readers pay attention to and recall the most important information in your emails, every time.

Email generates $38 for every $1 spent, a 3,800% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available.

99% of consumers check their email every day.

60% of consumers have made a purchase after receiving a marketing message by email.

Skim-readers Conquered!

Even skim-readers won’t be able to resist the power of your emails once they’re armed with the action-driving tools. Skim-readers are unavoidable subscribers on your email list. They read in a specific manner that you can use to your advantage to ensure their limited attention falls only on the key points of your email message and your call-to-action!

The Secret to Driving Action with Email Plan

(Time to Complete: 20 Minutes)

  • Phase 1 – Direction and Draft
    • Prioritize and rank key information
    • Define your email goal
    • Determine a clear call to action
    • Focused Email Drafting
    • Access the Email Action Plan Worksheet – The plan you follow on your own to create an action driven email

(Time to Complete: 30 Minutes)

  • Phase 1: 4 Email Must-Haves
  • Phase 2: Action driving tools to enhance the text in your email
  • Phase 3: Action driving tools to enhance the text in your email
  • Phase 4: Action driving tools to enhance the text in your email

(Time to Complete: 30 Minutes)

  • Phase 1: Finalize and Test
    • Style and format your email to drive action
    • Test your email’s effectiveness
    • Access the Email Proofing Guide – The guide you’ll use to test the power of your message and its ability to drive action

    3 downloadable email templates you can use right away for your business to improve message recall and drive action!

    Incredible community support in our exclusive members-only group, full of experienced business owners to connect with, get feedback and share strategies.

    Access to us! Our performance coaches check in daily to support our Revolutionaries with their business struggles.

    Our performance coaches will review 1 email you create using the Driving Action Formula and provide you with direction actionable feedback.

    Access our email formatting tutorial where coach Dana walks you through our recommended email marketing platform on how to create action driving emails your subscribers will look forward to receiving.

    100% Money Back Guarantee

    If you’re not 100% satisfied with the workshops within 7 days, we will give you a full refund.

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