Visionary Leader

Visionary leaders are driven and inspired by what a company can become. They are confident coaches who are meant to guide their company through difficult organizational eras and bring about positive transitions.


Passive Leaders Are Not Visionary Leaders

You can learn of leadership skills and qualities in a lecture, but if you want to develop your own leadership proficiency the best way is by DOING.

Horse Leadership challenges you to confront leadership obstacles by working with an animal seeking guidance. Horses are herd and prey animals making them exceptionally aware of the cues of their herd mates. A herd of horses survival depends on a defined hierarchy. If a horse accepts a person as their leader, it will work very hard to get along with and follow its leader’s direction.

Horse Leadership molds visionary leaders using it’s hands-on approach to leadership training. You will work solo and in pairs, to train horses. Training will consist of 6 fundamentals: rhythm, relaxation, connection, impulsion, straightness, and collection. Each skill builds upon the other and mastery of all 6 prepares you for the challenge of guiding a high performance team and business.

A person retains over 75% of what they practice compared to less than 10% when taught by lecture.

People learn the best by teaching the skills they are seeking to acquire to someone else.

There are 3 Types of Leaders

The Dictator

The leader who demands everything from her team members. Her way is the right and only path forward. She expects new team members to get onboard quickly and follow in line or they’re out.

The Lamb

The leader who follows rather than leads. They avoid confrontation and are easily persuaded. She’s a pushover that has no control over her business or team.

The Visionary

The leader who sees opportunity in every team member and situation. She is level-headed and confident in their abilities to effectively utilize her and her team’s strengths to grow, adapt and succeed.

Build A Reality Of Your Own Design

Visionary leaders are far-sighted…they are perceptive to the events unfolding now in their business while simultaneously envisioning what they want their future to be. Visionary leaders think forward without letting unfeasible dreams clog their perception. Charismatic and determined, they have the capacity to recognize strengths and avoid weaknesses, giving them the unique ability to expedite their forward trajectory towards a new future.

Horse Leadership offers complete leadership immersion training, giving you the rare freedom to experiment with your leadership style and hone visionary techniques your team will enjoy following.

What People Are Saying

Horse Leadership Overview

One-Day training workshop in Sharon Springs, NY from 10am to 5pm

Note: The horsemanship techniques that we will be using in this workshop will be a blend of traditional, natural and our own brand of communicating with the horses. We do not use fear or force, and always put the well-being of the horse first.

  • Become mindful about how we “show up” as leaders
  • Align your behavior to your values
  • Increase your ability to communicate and connect to your team

  • Workshop 1
    • Understand basic horse care and horse handling
    • Halter a horse and lead it around arena
    • Learn basic grooming
    • Teach a horse to stand or ground tie
  • Workshop 2
    • Work on being present and aware. Observe the different traits unique to each horse and explore how you may need to adjust your approach to benefit or help the horse be successful
    • Give direction to the instructors on how to adjust their leading of the horses to help them achieve their goal
  • Workshop 3
    • Observe how horses interact with each other and define their hierarchy
  • Workshop 4
    • Understand rhythm and focus
    • Put rhythm and focus to practice with a horse
    • Learn how to train a horse to turn
    • Teach your horse to turn
    • Teach the other horses to turn
  • Workshop 5
    • Use amassed skills to guide a horse through an outdoor course
  • Workshop 6
    • Ride a horse around the pen by giving it direction and working on focus, relaxation, balance and rhythm

  • Adjust your leadership style for the needs of your team
  • Uncover your primary personality driver
  • Increase your chance for success by coworking with your primary personality driver
  • Achieve awareness of your team’s individual primary personality drivers for optimal efficiency and enjoyment

Hear from your trainer, Christy Potratz:

The transformation of a business leader's relationship with their team makes entrepreneurship everything it should be - exciting and joy filled. Instead of feeling like you have been in battle and are mentally exhausted you have the energy to keep going because the weight of the business is not just on your shoulders, it’s shared by a team you lead to better things.

My idea is unique because it uses horses to illustrate how energy and focus influences different personalities and the key to success is adjusting your energy to meet the needs of your team. I feel it is valuable to the Entrepreneurs' Organization community because as entrepreneurs, we love creative ways to solve problems and are excited by opportunities to grow.


Horse Leadership training is a single day training event, beginning at 10am and ending at 5pm.
You will need to be dressed for horse riding. Pants are highly recommended and boots.
No, you must provide your own transportation.
No, you must book your own lodging if you need to stay in the area.