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Get Your Competitors' Customer Information

Capture in-market shoppers the minute they step into your competitors business.

You’re losing sales every minute.

Everyday, your competitors are earning sales that could have been yours. You sell the same product and you’re in the same market, yet consumers end up at their business, in their store, or in their showroom. As competition increases, your sales are destined to deflate— unless you get aggressive. {GEO}Pixel gives you the competitive data you’ve been looking for.


How It Works:

{GEO}Pixel allows you to target up to 3 of your competitors businesses – physical locations. By using the geo-location information made available by a shopper’s smartphone, our software is able to identify when they step onto your competitor’s business. Then, it collects their available contact information and other details, providing you with the…

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Credit Range
  • Net Worth

Of your top competitors’ customers. This practice is entirely legal and utilized by major brands globally. Our data is matched to fully verified, double opt in records. Our technology works around the clock for you collecting customer information and is provide weekly featuring a list of in-market shoppers ready for you to conquest.

What if you could turn your top competition into your largest lead-driver?

That technology exists, you just don’t know about it— but your competition could. By Placing a geofence around your competitors physical business address our {GEO}Pixel tool identifies their customers and collects key data points for your business to leverage a conquesting strategy to turn conquest into customers.

Talk to shoppers ready to purchase...NOW.

Identity information from name and address, to email address, credit range and more on customers visiting your competition.

How to Use It:

Speak more directly to your audience by utilizing the details available on your weekly report. Curate creative, ad or email copy to reflect the tastes of your audience, stealing them from the competition and increasing your share of your market.

  • Conquest customers by the location and company they visited
  • Create and run custom match campaigns on Facebook
  • Upload and target customers with Gmail Campaigns
  • Customize a competitive email marketing campaign to drive sales
  • Imprint your brand to these households via a direct mail campaign

Capture & Send



What does the data look like?

After you purchase your pixel, one of our performance coaches will book your 30 minute strategy and training call to review optimal marketing strategies and best practices for your business so you can get started right away implementing your new data.

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