Helderburg Defenders

Started business during Covid 2020 – $8.9 million in sales – 18 month waiting list
Photo and Video Marketing on Instagram and Facebook…ONLY!

Built to Order and selling the Classic Land Rover Defender is an extremely competitive industry with hundreds of businesses trying to attract a small select audience.  Helderburg started as a hobby business in a town of 462 people and 0 social media followers. 

However, with a social media marketing strategy focused on lifestyle videos, faq videos and professional photography, a start-up hobby business grew to become 1 of the top 3 largest in the world within 3 years.  The goal from the beginning was to create an Aspirational Lifestyle Brand and it’s paid off since Helderburg is considered to be the Benchmark for custom Land Rover Defenders and has been featured in magazines due to the highly engaged audience on social media. With this strategy, Helderburg regularly sells 25-year-old restored Defenders for over $150k solely through social media advertising. Helderburg is proof you don’t need to spend money on advertising in magazines or on Google search nor do you need to discount prices ever. 

“There is a lot to be said in how the right type of videos build trust and authority. People feel like they know me personally and I do get the occasional…can I get your autograph. Seriously.” — Paul Potratz