Tired of waiting for shoppers to complete a form on your website?

With {P2}Pixel Marketing, you don’t only get the information of those that convert— you get the name, address, credit score and MORE on up to 65% of ALL your website shoppers.

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Your most interested shoppers are on your website RIGHT NOW.

>>> Most websites only convert 2% to 3% of your overall traffic.

With {P2}Pixel Marketing, you don’t only get the information of those that convert— you get the name, address, credit score and MORE on up to 65% of ALL your website shoppers.

65% of Visitors - P2 Pixel Data

{P2}Pixel Marketing provides a detailed list of who is on your website and you can sort the data by:

- Credit Score
- Income
- Year of Vehicle Owned
- Make of Vehicle Owned
- City and Postal Code
- Pages visited on your website
- Over 300 Different Fields

How to Use the {P2}Pixel Marketing Data:

- Email Marketing
- Custom Audiences in Facebook
- Custom Audiences in GMAIL Ads
- Create Customer Personas
- Identify What Audience Data to Target
- Weekly Direct Mail Drops to Sell New, Used or Credit
- Have Sales Staff Review Names for Past Customers
- Custom Audiences for ReTargeting Campaigns
- Know If Google or Facebook Is Driving REAL Shoppers to Your Website

They don't have to complete a form for you to know WHO they are, WHAT they drive and HOW their credit looks.

With {P2}Pixel Marketing data you could be talking to those specific individuals.

What does the data look like?

Learn over 300+ details about your potential customers.

From name and address, to credit score and tax bracket, & EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN!

What is it?

{P2}Pixel Marketing includes software added to your website that tracks and collects data on those who are visiting your website. Regardless of whether or not individuals are filling out a lead form or not, {P2}Pixel Marketing collects information from online and offline data, transactional data, property and public records, & more in order to provide you with a complete profile of not just some of your visitors— but all of them!*

How it works?

Simply installing the {P2}Pixel Marketing code into the header of your website allows our software to begin raking all public data available on your visitors; so you can better communicate with them. Our software provides you with data points such as name, email, address, gender, what car they drive, whether they rent or buy— and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the insights it’s capable of providing you.

Go from capturing 2% of your web visitors to up to 65%!

All it takes is three minutes.

After you purchase your pixel, one of our performance coaches will book your 30 minute strategy and training call to review optimal marketing strategies and best practices for your business so you can get started right away implementing your new data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As often as you like since you have your own web portal to download data.

No, absolutely not. This data is opt in data. Every time we visit any website our information is being gathered. Yes every time you visit ESPN, Weather Channel, eBay, Facebook, and millions of other website your data is being gathered and you have a specific identifying pixel that tells that site all about you. So this is common practice online and completely legal.

Yes, they have opted in to receive emails when they visit your website. We can handle all the email marketing for you and report on the performance.

In the first 30 days once per week.

Yes if they are already in your CRM you can look them up and call them. We don't provide phone numbers since that would be a little weird if you were to call and say I say you were on my website. We do provide phone scripts and training videos so your team is a pro on the phone.

As often as you like, the data is yours to keep.

Yes, you have to commit for 6 months since it's a lot of work to sync the online and offline data and we need to make a profit.

No, if a person visits from a corporate computer that is not specific to their behavior we don't have a way to capture the information.

Yes, we do.

Yes and we encourage that you do. In fact we can do it for you if you like.

There are 12 proprietary data points that have to be satisfied in order to make a match and we even use IP address as a 13th data point as a geography check. We do this in order to ensure our data is as accurate as possible.

*On average data collection is 65% of unique website visitors.

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