Creating Successful Facebook Ads

by Juliana Warren

Create the perfect Facebook ad by marketing a great design to your target audience. Use what is currently trending to your advantage. Knowing what has worked for others will help you to build a successful campaign for your business. Processes always change so it is good to keep on top of them in order to stay ahead of your competition.

Facebook ads consist of multiple parts:

  1. Headlines
    Attract attention to your Facebook ad with a catchy main title. It can be a maximum of 250 characters. The median and most popular headline length is just 4-5 words. Keeping it short will grab your audience’s attention and will quickly get your point across.
  2. Text
    Write out a short description about your product or service. The average business uses just 15-17 words. This clear messaging will attract shoppers to your ad.
  3. Image
    An eye-catching picture of your product.
  4. Description
    You can state more information about your product or service in this section. It has a maximum of 250 characters. Try to use a number in this part, the headline, or text. Also, the most popular words you can use to draw shoppers to your ad are You/Your, Now, New, and Free. Using these words will give you an advantage over your competitors.
  5. Caption
    Your domain’s URL.
  6. Call to Action (CTA)
    Add this to the bottom of your Facebook ad so that shoppers will know where to click and what should happen after they click.

Page Post Link Ads are the perfect way to promote your external site. Offers can be used to promote a limited-time event, but the most popular kinds of Page Post Link Ads are video ads and photo ads.

Video ads:

  1. Drive high audience engagement
  2. Show examples of your work
  3. Shoppers can sign up for the limited time offer at the end of the video

Photo ads:

  1. Generate likes and comments
  2. Advertise your current offer
  3. Use positive language (“Free”), a great image, and a proactive CTA (“Shop Now,” “Sign Up,”  or “Learn More”)
  4. Use eye-catching colors, such as a pop of red

There are many components of a Facebook ad, but using the correct balance of each will ensure it’s successful. Pay attention to what works for your advertising, so that you can create new ads in the same format. Use positive messaging and colorful images to grab the attention of potential customers.

Most of all, have fun with it!

Creating Successful Facebook Ads

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