The Benefits of Email Marketing

by Nicole O’Bomsawin

Many people think email marketing is outdated. It’s really not! Email marketing can skyrocket your campaign into greatness. Seriously. When was the last time you didn’t have your phone on you? These days, people are attached to their phones…and most smartphones have email on them.

Writing and sending emails for your business can be overwhelming to think about.

Will I have to hire someone to write these emails?
Who do I send them to?
How can doing this really help my business?

For the most part, your advertising agency can help you out (if you don’t have one, check us out!). As for the last question, we’ve got you covered. Here are 3 key benefits of email marketing.

Email marketing is cost-effective.

Think of it as guerilla marketing with emails. You can broadcast a single message across multiple individuals for a low cost to your business. Maybe you’re having a sale on iPhones (if you’re a tech store). This would be the perfect opportunity to email all your millennials telling them to buy from you while you have these iPhones on sale and other places don’t.

Email marketing increases brand awareness.

What’s a better way to get people to know you than to reach their inbox? I’ll be the first to admit, most emails go straight to by spam box. But, with the right subject line, I’ll open it if I’m curious. Combine the right subject line with the right content and you’ll be golden. Your potential customers will have the opportunity to get to know more about your company and your brand, and why they should buy from you instead of a competitor.

Email marketing provides measurable feedback.

How can you tell what’s working and what isn’t working when you don’t have metrics or benchmarks to follow? That’s what’s great about email marketing. No matter what platform you’re on, you’ll be able to see the outcome of a certain email blast or a campaign that you’ve begun. This is great to use, especially if you’re A/B testing subject lines or content within the email. See what works – that’s what will help you succeed in the future.


No matter what industry you’re in, email marketing can help you get the results you’ve been looking for.

The Benefits of Email Marketing

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