The Importance of Mobile Optimization for Automotive Dealers

The Importance of Mobile Optimization

DLD websites will make sure your business page is optimized for both computers and mobile devices! Many people only worry or think about the user experience for computers, but it’s very important to have your website optimized for mobile devices as well. Mobile devices make up over 50% of website traffic. Smaller technologies are becoming more and more popular, so businesses need to keep up with the always-changing trends. If you don’t, your customers may search elsewhere and go to your competition instead.

It’s critical to have your website optimized for mobile devices. If not, you’re losing traffic and sales for your business. If the customer’s device takes too long to load a page or the mobile version isn’t user-friendly, they’ll more than likely abandon your site and go to one that’s quicker and easier for them to use. The ideal website will have a faster download speed, mobile-friendly navigation, easy-to-click buttons and page elements, and larger and easier to read text. Having these elements will improve the user experience, improve brand identity, improve search visibility and increase lead generation.

The majority of consumers use various screens all in the same day. This means that they could use their mobile device in the morning and finish up some shopping on a computer or tablet later in the day. About ⅔ of shoppers start their journey on a smartphone, so you will miss the first chance for interaction if your website isn’t user-friendly. Businesses should expect mobile search to play a large role in the shopper’s research. Every single page and button that the consumer comes in contact with should be integrated to work perfectly on all devices.

You can tell if your website is currently mobile-friendly if it scales correctly when shrinking the page. The content and navigation should be optimized for smaller screens. If not, it will take some development to make it user-friendly. The process for updating the site will be simpler if your website is coded well, designed well, and uses a good content management system. Whether it’s a quick and easy, or slower process, you can still maintain your current content and design scheme. If you would like a change, you can also recreate your website and design a new look.

Our responsive websites are easy to use and maintain! Making changes on one DLD Website will change and optimize it for all platforms. You can also track your website visitors across all of their devices, since there will only be one URL. A DLD Website will rank higher in search results than other websites because of this. It offers a positive customer experience and creates higher conversion rates. Both the traffic on your website and your leads will increase if your customers can easily access your website and content. Contact us today to start planning your custom created website!

– Juliana Warren

The Importance of Mobile Optimization for Automotive Dealers

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