The Truth About Blogging

This week on Hard Facts, I’m going to be honest about an easy thing: blogging.

The truth of the matter is, I wasn’t sure that I could write a great blog. It’s true. I was sitting here thinking that a video just isn’t possible this week and I should turn Hard Facts into more of a blog post.

Sure, I post the details in the weekly videos on our website…but that’s different. I wanted us to have a conversation. A conversation about a marketing topic to help our businesses grow. As I went through this, I must have pressed the delete button at least 20 times. What will be engaging? What format will work best? What will benefit you the most? After some research and outlines for the ideal recipe, here’s how you can succeed by blogging.

Why should you blog?

  • Blogging is a consistent way to let your content reach your audience.
  • It works to communicate your brand, your business, and make it more of a personable experience.
  • It creates your authority on the subject matter of your business, and with this you can provide information or resources that drive leads for your business.
  • By creating this content, you’re creating noise. You’re giving yourself content to promote on your social channels that lead people back to you.
  • It also helps the SEO value of your website and drives more traffic!

But…here’s where I get stuck (and maybe you do, too).

Like many things in business, we tend to overthink things. I always say you have to start at C and end at Z. Why? Because A and B are the easy ones. Most of the time we have A, the idea, and B, the why, but we don’t get much further than that.

So, start here by writing it down.

A. Your idea, and
B. Your ‘why’.

Now let’s move to C – the real starting point. Don’t overthink this… it’s no more than scribbling down a few bullet points. We can make words into sentences later.

C. Identify your audience.

D. Bullet points, bullet points, bullet points. Here, you want to identify

  • What specific items you want to communicate to your audience
  • What is crucial for them to know after reading it.

E. Write an intro. Be original, authentic, and captivating (all easier said than done, I know).

F. From here, take those bullet points and start to write. Work in a concise way that takes that audience through your topic in an organized, easy-to-follow manner. But don’t forget your call-to-action!

G. Last but not least: have someone proof it. After a quick writing session, or one that you’ve pressed delete on one too many times, it’s best to have fresh eyes review your blog.


There are a number other items that go into blogging after the blog is actually written that are imperative to the success of your content. In today’s mobile first world, it’s important to review the format of your blog and any images or other media to ensure it’s mobile friendly.

You’ll also want to verify that you have meta descriptions, page titles and descriptions, and alt. tags.
That’s this week’s Hard Facts Blog. If you like this blog or have topics you’d like me to cover, like, Tweet or comment below!

~ Samantha

The Truth About Blogging

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