What Guerilla Marketing Can Do For Your Business

by Erin McNamara

When competition is steep and money is on the line marketers look to guerilla marketing to meet the client’s advertising needs. Why? Because guerilla marketing is innovative, unconventional, and often low-cost with the ability to draw exposure at a rate unlike traditional or digital advertising.

How to Use Guerilla MarketingGuerilla Marketing can come in many different shapes and sizes. At it’s core it really cannot be defined since advertisers utilize a variety of different mediums and techniques to get these campaigns off the ground. They can include tactics like projections and postings, street marketing, and even digital guerilla marketing like landing or loading pages with graphics or alt text that captures the audience’s attention, even if it is for just a few seconds. At Potratz, we’ve found success using social guerilla strategies like going live on Facebook. These guerilla strategies tend to be engaging, capturing an the audience’s attention and sparking conversation either in-person or online.


There are a few things that are important to keep in mind with guerilla marketing. The first is the importance of a clear message in a guerilla campaign. Without a clear call-to-action and targeted audience it’s unlikely that you’ll reach your full marketing potential. Knowing where and how to communicate with the target audience will increase their willingness to engage, as well as the opportunity to go viral. While a unique and creative idea is also a key element, research is crucial. Understanding your target market, who they are and where they are, will ensure that you’ll be utilizing the best tools to reach your audience. At the end of the day, the advertising goal should always be developing a relationship with the customer, and researching appropriate mediums and content will help ensure your guerilla campaign meets the end goal.


Across many different industries, guerilla marketing can take on different forms. Last month musician Lorde used guerilla marketing to send fans on a scavenger hunt across Auckland in a campaign promoting her new single “Green Light.” Using her personal Twitter, Lorde shared clues to her followers as fans ran across Auckland, finding illuminated cars and even drones to piece together everything. Fans were ultimately led to a painted green wall where a short clip of the new song was projected. The whole scavenger hunt ultimately increased engagement and built up hype surrounding the song. Not a popstar? No problem. You don’t need a hit single to participate in guerilla campaigns. Sidewalk chalk drawings, stickers posted around town, and giving away product samples at popular events can also be considered guerilla marketing.


Depending on the product or service and target market, strategies are going to vary immensely. What remains consistent however is the value a guerilla marketing campaign can provide. Encouraging customer engagement, leaving a lasting impression, and increasing the possibility of going viral, typically at a lower cost than more traditional advertising means, are just a few reasons you might consider implementing your own guerilla marketing campaign.

What Guerilla Marketing Can Do For Your Business

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