Hi, I get it!

You have ideas, goals and dreams about things you want to do with your business and personal life. You're probably concerned if the current events will prevent you from growing. You possibly even check out your competitions website and social media profile trying to get some insight and ideas.

You feel confused if Instagram, Facebook, Blogging, Podcasting or Chatbots are the answer to more sales. You feel there is more to be done but you're unsure what. Then you think it's time for a new website, logo, tagline or even a mission statement about your business.

UGH, There has to be a strategy, a formula or something new you should be doing and you feel things are stale. You've heard about ChatGPT so maybe that's the edge you're missing.

You need a Turn Key Solution that is not a time waster!

Really... I get it and I've been there. I've done it all and have spent millions on magazine ads, billboards, direct mail, Google AdWords, TV and radio campaigns, email blast, 3rd party leads, Ai Bots, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Linkedin and, and, and, and...

Accidentally One Day, I stumbled upon the answer, the solution, the strategy. It's so simple that I felt dumb I had not started doing it sooner.

I had a prospective client asking a lot of questions that had been asked by many other prospective clients. So on a whim I shot a simple video answering common questions and sent it to him. Next day he hired us.

I remembering thinking that was easy! So I sent that video to 3 prospective clients that I had spoken to in the past... within 2 days all 3 hired us.

That was July 7th 2003 and today March 19th 2023...nearly 20 years latter it still works and in fact works better now then it did last year or the last decade.

Again it's so simple... I needed to become the Go To Guy* for shoppers interested in purchasing what I was selling. I needed to become a resource for customers, I needed to establish myself as the market and thought leader in my industry. Simply stated I needed people to know me so they could trust me and buy from me.

However I had no idea the impact it would create in my market. I became the best known business in a very crowded market with hundreds of competitors. I never discount my prices, advertise price nor do I try to justify my price.

I Became the #1 Go-To Trusted Expert in My Space by Accident By Putting My Videos in Front of The Right Shoppers!

Friends that are also business owners started asking me 'What's The Secret' and how could they duplicate my Success.

My fellow business owners we're putting in a lot of effort, spending a lot of money and doing well... but they felt something was missing in their marketing. They felt stuck and wanted a way to reach the next level. They were tired of being a lot like their competition. They wanted something unique, fun and measurable.

They wanted... to stop searching and experimenting. They simply didn't want their business to consume every waking moment any longer. They wanted to spend more time living but have peace of mind their business was growing... Strategically.

I started working with them and within a few months they were seeing dramatic results!

If you want to grow your business, attract loyal customers, recruit quality employees and have an uncopyable marketing strategy then choose your direction below.

What We Do

We custom create content for websites, social media, brochures, sales and branding. We also offer a solution for companies in need of a constant supply of creative content to grow their social media presence. We custom create a solution specific to you.

Website Imagery
Social Media

Who Are Our Clients

Businesses that provide an experience or product for individuals nationally or internationally and would like lifestyle videos, professional photography and/or branding messaging.

...Businesses that are passionate about what they offer!

Hunting with shot gun and dogs in Autumn

What Do We Provide

We create lifestyle videos, photos and inspiring stories so consumers can imagine their life full of adventure, purpose and meaning with your brand. You will be able to target these shoppers on your website, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube (and we can teach you how.) We make it very easy for them to see you as the singular and exclusive answer to fill their desire for adventure and new experiences.

...Driving them to purchase from you and telling their friends!

Ice waterfall panoramic photo

When Do You Need Us

When your videos and photos are missing a consistent style that truly represents your brand. When new clients are not calling or buying as a direct result of your lack of lifestyle videos, photos and stories. When you want to expand into a new market or when you're unsure what's working or what you should really be doing when it comes to marketing.

...Build excitement by allowing clients to see themselves living the lifestyle with your brand!

Hiking with dogs

The Result

You become an aspirational brand that is considered the premier choice in your industry. There will never be a doubt again about your advertising strategy, what's working, how much to spend and you will have control. Your waiting list will grow and your business will become recession proof.

...You will become a brand that's regarded as the exclusive choice!

Helderburg Defender in field

See if your project is a good fit.

Your future clients are seeking and searching on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Attract them with Videos, Photography and Inspirational Stories!

  • Devise a unique message, look and feel so you are uniquely positioned and become the aspirational brand of choice.
  • Create, shoot and produce the videos and photos needed to attract decision makers and ensure they choose you.
  • Set-up your content rich campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with proper targeting.
  • Teach you or your team how to manage campaigns so you're able to manage internally if you choose.
  • Work with you 1-on-1 in growing business. We can help you create upsells, book long term contracts, expand into new markets and work smarter, not harder.

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How Do We Help You?

Your Message

Your Message

It's not about you.

It's about the adventures, experiences and memories individuals will receive when they choose you over the competitors. It must be memorable and about the client... do you really know what your clients want to see in order to choose you? We will help you craft a memorable message that never sounds like a sales pitch!

Branding Video

Branding Video

Clients want to work with people they trust and believe are the authority in their field.

  • A branding video gives people the chance to see your passion and knowledge. It helps them relate to you without ever meeting you.
  • Use it on your website.
  • Send it to potential clients.

It's easy to create word of mouth advertising, increase prices, spend less on advertising when you become an aspirational brand... we will help you do this.

Authority Videos

Authority Video Series
(FAQ Videos)

You have created your business based on your expertise in your field. Now it's time to show your expertise to new potential clients.

  • In this series, you will become the authority in your field.
  • Answer the most common questions your customers ask.

This is probably the biggest single most overlooked strategy to grow your business, increase your prices, reduce common questions, shorten the sales cycle and be found in search engines organically. We will help you master this and this is something your competitors are missing.

How to Shoot Professional Looking Photos with an iPhone

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